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Product development starts at the idea generation stage. But every idea doesn’t get transformed into a successful product. Product designing and development not only requires specialized skills but also an investment of time and money. Efforts taken in product development cannot be measured only in monetary terms. A product gets its value only when the customer understands the criticality of its design and functionality.

Design Corporation helps you validate your concept and convert it into real products. Our core focus on designing includes aesthetics as well as the functionality of the product. We make sure that your product looks great and is functionally superior to other competitors in the market.

Our expertise in product designing and development enables us to provide rich and delightful experience in your product development journey. Our product development team has developed world-class products for our customers that involve rigorous research, design study, detail engineering, prototyping, and testing.

About Our Product Design & Development Services

Our expertise in product designing and development enables us to provide rich and delightful experience in your product development journey.
Product Development

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Design for the future

Our Product Design and Development Services

  • Product/Market Research, Competitive products’ Benchmarking

    We offer Product or market research services to provide insights into various attributes of the products such as material properties, performance data, probable manufacturing cost, feature study, etc. The benchmarking provides pertinent product changes or recommendations to gain competitive advantage.

  • Product Styling, Ergonomics, Aesthetics

    we believe that style and aesthetics of a product are as important as its functionality. Our mechanical engineers focus on high-quality product designs while reducing the manufacturing cost.

  • Design for Assembly (DFA) Services, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Services

    we offer end to end DFM and DFA services to our clients for both new as well as existing product designs. We design the products to perform specific functions keeping the manufacturing cost in mind and make sure the products stay competitive in the marketplace. In Design for assembly, we review the current design with an eye for elements and features of the design which can be improved in order to eliminate or minimize the touch labor. DFA is also essential to minimize the costs of a production assembly.

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  • Reverse Engineering and Prototype building

    It is hard to assess various parts of any equipment using traditional techniques of geometric measurement. We offers it’s advanced reverse engineering services to help you get detailed 3D models from physical components of any equipment or product. These models can be used to improvise the design while keeping development process and manufacturability in mind.

  • Material Selection, Product Costing

    Success of any product depends on the type of material used in its manufacturing. Material selection is reliant on the attributes planned for the product as per the consumer’s preference and cost of Manufacturing. We help our client in material selection to make their manufacturing process simpler and cost-effective.

  • Engineering Change Management

    Owing to regular changes in the product requirements, complex supply chains, and shorter lead times the ability to execute ECO (engineering change orders) has become critical in the product development process. The engineers at Design Corporation  have an in-depth understanding of ECR/ECO/ECN processes and can manage engineering change efficiently and effectively throughout the product development cycle. We help simplify the entire engineering change management process, thus reducing cycle time and faster execution of ECR’s (engineering change request).

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